The lava flow front from the 400 m vent in the foreground, rockfalls in the center and dust and steam escaping from the inferred new fracture on the Sciara in the background. At around 5pm, the front of the new flow and/or material from the ground on the (inferred) fracture mobilizes into small pyroclastic flows. Close-up of the origin area of one of the first flows, about 200 m downhill from the lava flow front. Fully grown pyroclastic flow. The end of the flow at the coast. Another, more powerful pyroclastic flow develops minutes later (1) Flow on its way down (2) Flow ending on the shore (3) Ash and dust after the passage of a flow. Sliding of glowing blocks triggering another flow (1) A second later, the flow has moved 50 m downhill (2) Glowing blocks at the base of the same flow (3) A weaker pyroclastic flow... ...ending meters away from the shore where the glowing blocks within it separate. Yet another flow... ...ending on the shore.