The lava delta on 3 March with two entry areas fed by two flow arms. The eastern end of the active entry on 5 March and steaming hot sea water. The delta on 5 March. 6 March: only the western entry is still violently active. 6 March: sun reflections over the sea. 6 March: the small, poorly alimentated entry through a lava tube fed by the eastern branch. 6 March: the delta at dusk, a surge of lava is coming down at the eastern arm, and has reached the top of the delta. 7 March: now, there are 3 entry points again; the eastern flow has reached the eastern area of the delta, enlarging it there for about 20 meters. The small entry in the western-center of the delta, corresponding to the small lava-tube fed entry on the 6th photo. The delta on 10 March.