Early morning of 3 March: Stromboli covered in thick clouds merging with the steam plume from the lava entry. The Sciara del Fuoco on 4 March: the thick steam plume covers the lava flow. Boiling steam at the lava entry. Taking photos form the boat. Zoom onto the 400 m vent. Steam from the lava fronts in the sea. Turbulence creating a small horizontal twister in the steam. The lava flows and the steam plume (1). The lava flows and the steam plume (2). Lava flows and a helicopter for scale. The helicopter flying in front of the lava flows. Small littoral explosions occur sometimes where the active flow meets the sea; fragments and boiling water are thrown into the air, leaving steam trails. Another explosion at the entry point. The lava flow front and steam. Visitors on a small boat