Peter filming amidst local children on the way to Nyiragongo... Children from Kibati First break on the way up Exploding lava bubble on the lake (1) Exploding lava bubble on the lake (2) Exploding lava bubble on the lake (3) The vertical walls of the inner crater illuminated by the red light from the lake "Angry Planet" production office - watch out for the upcoming documentary "Angry Planet"! Keeping spirits up in the fog! View of the caldera with eh lava lake and the new third terrace The black terrace created by recent overflows in June 2006 Lava fountains on the N side of the lake The lava lake Snow-capped Karisimbi volcano and part of the group filming the lake The lake seen from the W rim of the crater Solidified pieces of thin crust floating on the lake Steam plume from the lava lake and our camp Peter and Prospère The lava lake in twilight Evening lava watching Descend from Nyiragongo The first half of the group at the base again Curiosity The strangers Champions of the world - Peter's team Hanging out... Sabinyo volcano Muhavura volcano in the evening light